ALL Orchestral Electronic Acoustic 8Bit Sound Remakes Non-Game My Music

What Have You Done

This game was developed during the 2015 Global Game Jam in Tel Aviv, which means that the team only had 24 hours to write, code and design it. The result was pretty impressive given the short development time.

In these 24 hours I was working on four different games; some of which I had enough time for sound design and music, others had to remain with just the music, and this game was one of those. I started working on the music at around 2am, as I sat down with one of the game developers, Yaniv Hefetz, who also turned out to be an incredible piano player. He discussed the theme with me and we started brainstorming, using my Nord Lead synthesizer and an old drum machine. We worked on it and tried different sketches, taking the music for the classic game “Super Contra 2” as a reference.

After an hour or so, we finally came up with an upbeat intro music, which turns into a sad theme (the concept of the game is that the hero defeats the forces of evil, just to find out that they weren’t evil at all, and he actually destroyed the “goodies”).

After the intro music we made a more atmospheric in-level music, which was all synthesized, without using any samples. That included the wind of the forest, the branches touching and echoing through the forest, and a few abstract, loose-tempo musical themes.

Above you can see a short video of the gameplay. The actual game can be played HERE.

Credits: Kobi Romano, Tomer Barkan, Max Goz, Yaniv Hefetz, Gil Elnekave, Tal Goldberg, Oded Kovach, Hadar Shmir.