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Sound Design

When I started playing music, before I even knew what Sound Design really was, my parents bought me a keyboard which had different patches, or presets of sounds. I have always enjoyed exploring the different sounds, trying new ones and tweaking them a bit in order to give my music a more special tone. At that time, though, I never really understood what it meant to create a new sound from scratch.

Years later, as I began studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, I started taking classes in “Sound Synthesis”. My teacher was one of the pioneers of sound engineering and he always insisted that we understood the physics behind every sound that we make. Although at the time it felt quite tedious (who wants to draw charts of electric circuits when your internal music is almost bursting out of you?), this opened a whole new realm of opportunities for me. I started to master the world of sound, and this gave me the tools to create almost anything I can imagine, by using oscillators, LFOs, filters and white noise generators. I started to control the sound from the source, rather than trying to tweak ready made patches that other people made.

Today, when making sounds for games, I try to FEEL the game, imagine the internal world that this game wishes to convey, and then complement this world by creating the perfect sounds to fit this experience. I try not to use samples or ready made patches, but create something that will be unique to that specific game, and would not be found anywhere else.

If you would like your game to have a unique set of sounds which will be an integral part of the user experience, and would mesmerize the players and draw them into a new exciting reality, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

Mojo Kid