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Music for Games

My name is MojoKid. I have been writing, playing and producing music for more than fifteen years, and as a kid growing up in the 80’s, I have had every single game console, from Atari and Nintendo, to Xbox and Android.

At some point I realized that my real passion would be combining these two fields of interest, and started making music for games. At that time I also listened back to the music I have been writing all these years, and suddenly it became very clear to me that my music was intended for games all along, without even knowing it.

Here is something I found recently after digging through some old websites. This is probably my first track ever, which I made using Fruity Loops back in 2002 (I was 20 years old). I didn’t mix it or anything; I worked on it for half an hour and that was it. You can clearly hear the influence of video games, although I had no idea what it was.

Years later, I had decided to take music a bit more seriously. I opened my own studio, went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and started taking classes in mixing, synthesis and sound design, harmony, ear training and more. Most importantly I spent every single day playing, writing, mixing and talking about music.

After a while I went back to Israel, and there I had an epiphany! Many musicians are not going to like what I am about to say, but I realized at some point that music as we know it is dying. After releasing many tracks which had very little impact, and seeing all these super talented musicians that no one ever heard about, I came to an understanding that people today, and especially the younger generation, simply don’t listen to music the way we did. They don’t just put an album on and listen to it all the way through! Even when they listen to a song, they skip, switch and lose patience very easily. It soon became clear to me that music is only “consumed” nowadays when it is a part of something. It can be a music video, a movie or even a viral video about cats. But that’s the only time when people actually listen to music – when they don’t have to just sit there and listen!

When I started making music for video games, it suddenly all came together. I find it to be the purest form of music in this new era. I get to be the composer, the instrument player (of all instruments!), the producer, and even the promoter. I get to do everything, which may be very demanding, but also gives me total freedom, and is A LOT of fun. I simply LOVE what I do. Writing music for a game, which will convey a certain emotion and will adhere to the internal rules of the world we created, is in my opinion a true challenge, and in order to succeed making the music an integral part of this imaginary world, you need to truly master all realms of music creation.

Enjoy listening to my creations, and please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

Mojo Kid