ALL Orchestral Electronic Acoustic 8Bit Sound Remakes Non-Game My Music

I’m Growing!

When I just arrived at the 2015 Global Game Jam in Tel Aviv, I found myself sitting right next to a very interesting group of developers. The first notable thing about them was that the project manager was a nine year old girl. Her name was Mia and she know exactly how she wanted the game to turn out. She had an idea for a point and click game where the main character is a little girl that keeps growing, which gives her different abilities as the game progresses.

Mia sat down with the designers, plotted the whole game structure on the whiteboard, and in between her important meetings she found a few minutes to sit with me and explain her vision about the music. It was supposed to be one musical theme that repeats throughout the game, and for each period of her growing up (baby, kid, teenage, adult) the theme gets a different musical genre.

I really liked that idea and got to work right away. I also decided to synthesize most of the sounds for the game rather than sample them. I like knowing that I created the sounds from scratch, and that no other game in the world would have these.

The game turned out really nice, especially given the fact that the Israeli Global Game Jam is very short. They only had about 24 hours to write, develop and design the whole thing. You can play it here: (just make sure to turn off the music below so it doesn’t interfere):


Game Design: Mia
Scratch: Nir Miretzky
Project Manager: Mia
Graphics: Reut Kersz
Sound Design & Music: Mojo Kid
Biz Dev: Yael Hakshurian