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Aether – Music Remake

This piece was made for Casual Connect TLV 2016, in which I was invited to speak at a game audio expert panel. I was joined by three other game composers (Alon Kaplan, Niv Golan and
Arnold Nesis
), and each of us had to write a different piece for the wonderful game Aether (Which can be played HERE).

The results were quite astounding, each of us had made a completely different piece, all of which worked perfectly with the game, and resulted in a rather different overall feel. The panel was hosted by the great
Tsahi Liberman
, who has done a great job at making the panel incredibly informative, funny and insightful.

The piece combines live drums with electronic synths, and tries to convey the fast, chaotic nature of the game while emphasizing its cartoony nature.

You can listen to my piece here:

And watch the complete panel talk here: