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This unique game was made during Castle Game Jam 2016.

ADoorable is a tragic tale of two lovers who has gotten separated by fate.

Find your way back to your lover by using gravity and your best friend the door. The story takes you through both dungeons and space in your search for your lover.

You can use your powers bestowed upon you to shift gravity to any direction. This mechanic will lead you through the game. Solve different puzzles in which you need to fit the door in the right position in the world in order to proceed to the next level. This can prove both challenging and fun.

There is also an infinite-runner mini game which was also made during the game jam. In this mini game you need to slide in a corridor avoiding blocks that is pushed out of the wall.

This game was made
The people involved were:
Simon Larsson, Programmer
Jimmy Karlsson, Programmer
Jonathan Bardwell, Enviornmental Artist
Christoffer Silfverswärd, Designer
Magnus Jinneskog, Artist

The game can be played here.